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Our businesses

Petroleum products

Interasia is actively engaged in commodity trading and is committed to driving sustainable growth in the petroleum product sector. We specialize in the import and trade of petroleum products, including diesel, gasoline and kerosene into niche markets where we believe we have established strong local knowledge and operational control.

Our operations in this area are focused on ensuring a reliable supply of high quality products to meet the energy needs of the local market, while also promoting sustainability. We prioritize responsible sourcing and distribution practices that minimize environmental impact and contribute to the country’s sustainable development goals.

Base Metals

InterAasia is committed to energy transition by facilitating trade in the base metals sector through our trading network.

Our trading capability are enhanced by our ability to invest in mining assets thanks to a dedicated subsidiary staffed with mining experts. Interasia is dedicated to contribute to the growth and development of the mining industry while ensuring responsible sourcing practices and environmentally conscious operations.


Interasia Energy is actively engaged in the development of low-carbon and recycling projects, demonstrating our commitment to sustainability.

Since 2017, we have been at the forefront of recycling efforts in Mongolia, playing a significant role in driving environmental initiatives. As the largest investor and a key shareholder of the first organic fertilizer plant in Mongolia, we have utilized up cycled sheep wool to create sustainable products.

In 2022, Interasia Energy expanded its efforts by establishing a UCO collection network through Green Oil (https://greenoil.mn/). As an ISCC certified company, we ensure compliance with international sustainability and carbon certification standards. With a fully established logistical chain, including control of our logistical chain and  storage capacity, Interasia Energy has become the largest collector of UCO in Mongolia.

Furthermore, we are proud to be a member of the Mongolian National Recycling Association, actively contributing to the promotion and advancement of recycling practices in the country.