Unleashing the Power of Trade and Investments

Interasia Energy is a dynamic and privately held trading company with offices in Singapore, Hong-Kong, Switzerland, Malta and Mongolia. As a niche player in the market, we specialize in commodity trading and related-asset investments. Our company is fully private and proudly owned by the Interasia management team, ensuring a dedicated and personalized approach to our operations.

Expertise that Drives Success

At Interasia, we are fueled by a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in the fields of Energy, Commodity Trading, and Integrated Supply Chain & Logistics. Their wealth of knowledge and industry insights enable us to navigate the complexities of the market and deliver exceptional results for our clients.

North / Eastern Asia Focus

While our reach extends far and wide, we have a particular focus on North / Eastern Asia, with a special emphasis on the vibrant market of Mongolia. Our in-depth understanding of the region, combined with our strong network of partners and suppliers, allows us to capitalize on opportunities and create sustainable growth for our stakeholders.

Trading and Investments that Make a Difference

At Interasia, we believe that every trade and investment has the power to make a positive impact. We are committed to conducting our business with integrity, transparency, and respect for the environment and local communities. By adhering to the highest ethical standards, we strive to create value not only for our clients but also for the regions in which we operate.

Join Forces with Interasia Energy

Whether you’re seeking reliable commodity trading services or looking to explore investment opportunities in the energy sector, Interasia Energy is your trusted partner. We invite you to connect with us and discover how our expertise and unwavering dedication can help you achieve your goals.

Together, let’s unleash the power of trade and investments for a brighter future.